REDFOX develops, manufactures and sells own  patented products for continuous degassing of oils during operation. The company is situated in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. It started as an consultancy company in hydraulics and a lot of problems were discovered caused by water and air in oil. This led to our own new product called REDFOX. Today we have patented this degassing product that can be mounted on mobile machines as well as on stationary systems and transformers.

In more than ten years we have gathered experiences from a lot of different working fields from forestry machines with environmentally friendly oils to transformers with nafthene based oil. Over 200 Redfox units later, of which some have passed 60 000 hours, REDFOX is a durable and reliable product with a simple and low utilized construction. Contact us for further discussions!  

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SE-891 38 Örnsköldsvik
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