Why invest in a REDFOX-TCU?

Heat, oxygen and water makes the transformer grow older. Oil and cellulose insulation will chemically degrade. Oil changes is necessary and in time the transformer needs to be replaced. Degradation speed is reduced if the amount of water and oxygen are kept stable on low levels.

This is where REDFOX-TCU has its task. Through vacuum technique REDFOX reduces the content of water and air and then increases the remaining transformer life many times. This gives a large economical benefit because the new investment is moved into the future. REDFOX-TCU is a complete degassing system including a REDFOX-C unit, an electrically powered hydraulic pump, a particle filter, security valves, pressure gauge with alarm settings and a level switch, all connected to an electric box.

These components are mounted on a stable bracket that also acts as a cooling surface. A weather protection hood makes indoor and outdoor applications possible.

Brochure REDFOX transformer systems

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