REDFOX is the name of a new product that gives an opportunity to make completely closed hydraulic systems.

The oil in the system is treated by vacuum in the continuously operating REDFOX degassing and dehydration unit. This gives a low gas and water content.

With REDFOX in the system the oil reservoir can be smaller and separated from air contact. For this purpose REDFOX have designed an air tight membrane.

Some of the benefits that can be achieved:

Better durability
Smaller reservoir size and lower weight
Longer oil life
Less maintenance costs
Higher oil temperature possible
Clean oil - filter can be used on suction side
Fewer filter replacements
Less cavitation
Higher pump efficiency
No risk for "Diesel effects"
Simpler maintenance
Lower installed weight
Small oil volume is possible
Free location of tank
Ideal with bio-degradeable oils
  The nature seeks balance and oil in contact with air dissolves air and moisture. The amount is illustrated above.

Oil dissolves approximately 9 - 10 volume percent of air at 20 °C. This air is normally invisible and does not affect the oil volume. The solubility is increased with higher temperature and changes linear to the pressure according to Henry's law. Air bubbles are released if the oil pressure is under the saturation point. Oil can not hold any gasses at maximum vacuum pressure.

A maximum of 200 - 2000 ppm water at 20 °C can be dissolved and this differs with the oil type. More water makes the oil cloudy. The solubility of water increases at higher temperatures. The oil life changes with oxygen content, temperature and water content. The length of oil-life is proportional to the oxygen content and is promoted by low temperature and low water content. REDFOX works with vacuum and reduces both oxygen and water content in oil.

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